The role of parents in the development of karate can be measured in the percentage of complete non-involvement, moderate involvement to excessive involvement of parents in sports activities. 

Insufficiently involved parents are completely absent from the sports life of their child, another feature of an insufficiently involved parent is that he pays membership fees, buys equipment, does not accompany his child to competitions and training. Insufficiently involved parents do not understand their responsibility and think that their involvement in their child's sports activities would negatively affect the child during sports. 

Moderately involved parents are those parents who provide financial support, emotional and other forms of support that are necessary for further development and progress. Moderately involved parents do not influence the work of coaches and professionals. 

Excessively involved parents are those parents who want their child to succeed and become famous “at all costs” and to be successful like the biggest stars like Rafael Aghayev for example. Parents in this group are very critical of their child and coaches and other professionals, parents who are overly involved in the child's sports life are in most cases who have never played sports or those who have achieved excellent results and want to do the same. reach their child as well. 

According to most research, a small number of children have the talent to become top athletes. That is why it is recommended to parents to be realistic in their expectations and support the child's engagement in sports and not force the child to be like famous athletes because not everyone can be the best, the results require work and time. 

photo: pixabay