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In this text, we bring you the top 10 ranked karateka in the WKF Karate Federation. The list is led by Kakeru Nishiyama from Japan, followed by Ariel Torres from the United States and Ali Sofuoglu from Turkey. Note: This ranking is for the February month of 2024; watch the rest of the ranked players in the video bel…

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Top 10 Male kata ranking WKF 2022

The top 10 ranked karate players on the WKF rankings for March 2022 are  Damian Quintero - Spain  Ali Sofuoglu - Turkey  Ryo Kiyuna - Japan  Gakuji Tozaki - Japan  Ariel Torres - United States Kayumasa Moto - Japan  Maztia Busato - Italy  Enes Ozdemir - Turkey  Juki Uyihara - Switzerland  Roman Heyadrov - Azerbaijan

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