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Kiyou Shimizu is back on the winning path

photo: wkf Olympic runner-up Kiyou Shimizu of Japan has returned to competition after a six-month break. Kiyou Shimizu took part in the Karate1 Premier League in Fujairah - Dubai, where she won a gold medal and was better in the finals than her colleague from the national team Hikaru Ohno. photo: wkf She looked back a…

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Kiyou Shimizu - Biography

Kiyou Shimizu  born 7 December 1993 is a Japanese karateka competing in the women's kata event. She won the silver medal in the women's kata event at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.She is also a two-time gold medalist at the World Karate Championships and a two-time gold medalist at the Asian Games…

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