Being a belt holder in karate of a certain color means the level of knowledge and knowledge of karate skills. The titles in karate consist of a system of promotion, to advance to a higher title (pass the belt) it is necessary to demonstrate your knowledge in front of licensed examiners (commission). 

Titles in karate are divided into student and master: - student titles or KYU titles - master titles are marked with DAY 1 to 9 or 10 (in some styles up to 9 DAY titles are taken and in some up to 10 DAY titles), black belt titles. 

Order of titles (belts) from student to master: 

White belt 

The holder of the white belt is an exerciser who does not know the fighting techniques of karate and spiritual aspects, the act of enrollment, ie. at the beginning of the karate training the trainee acquires a white belt, for the white belt he does not pass. 

Yellow belt 

The yellow belt is the first belt to be worn during the beginning of karate training, and one of the symbols of the yellow color is the beginning - light. The yellow belt is laid after a certain period of training and on average after 6 months of training. 

Orange belt

The orange belt in order goes after the yellow belt, the orange belt indicates that the trainee is ready for new vistas in karate and is expanding his knowledge. The orange belt is laid on average after 12 months of training. 

Green belt 

After the orange belt, the green belt goes in order and indicates that each holder of this belt is capable of advancing in karate skills, the green belt is taken on average after 18 months of training. 

Blue belt 

After the green belt, the blue belt follows the order, which indicates that the trainee has largely mastered the karate skill, one of the features of the blue color is safety. The blue belt is laid after two years of the training process. 

Brown belt 

After the blue belt, the brown belt follows the order, the brown belt means the trainee who has the appropriate technique that enables further advancement towards master's titles. The brown belt is laid after three years of the training process.

Black belt 

A black belt means a master's degree in karate when the candidate (trainee) successfully passes the belt and acquires the title of master of karate black belt 1 DAY. Black Belt 1 DAY represents the beginning of the "master's path" in karate, which ends by 9 DAYS. 

Note: The examination periods for student and master titles that are written in the text are relative and are written as an example, each club has its system of work and periods of examination and advancement of its competitors. Acquiring master titles Black Belt 1 DAY to 9 DAY or 10 DAY is also relative because in some styles master titles end with 9 DAY and in some with 10 DAY.