Like every sport, karate has a certain terminology that distinguishes it from other sports, karate is the primary Japanese language and all terminology used in karate is in Japanese. In the following, I will list some basic terms used in karate.

Some of the basic terms used in karate:

Karate - means empty hand

Dojo - gym

Dan - a master's degree in karate

Gi - kimono or uniform in which karate practitioners train

Obi - belt in karate

Kata - fight with an imaginary opponent or perform karate techniques according to a given sequence

Kumite - fight - sparring with the opponent

Karateka - one who trains karate

Kime - exhale

Kiai - a strong unarticulated (spiritual) exclamation

Dachi - attitude, position

Hajime - go

Kyu - student title

Otaigai rei - salute bow to the opponent

Rei - greetings, bow down

Numbers in Japanese that are used in karate:

Ichi い ち - one

Ni に, じ - two

San さ ん - three

Shi し - four

Go ご - five

Roku šest く - six

Shichi ち ち - seven

Hachi ち ち - eight

Kyū く, ū ゅ う - nine

Jū じ ゅ う - ten

Ni-jū に じ ゅ う - twenty

San-jū さ ん じ ゅ う - thirty

Hyaku く ゃ く - table

Sen せ ん - a thousand

Colors in Japanese that are used in karate:

Shiro - white color

Ki - yellow color

Orange - orange color

Aka - red color

Midori - green color

Ao - blue color

Murasaki - purple color

Cha-brown color

Kuro - black color