Karate 1 Premier League Paris wrapped up on Sunday with an exhilarating final day, showcasing new champions and celebrating the triumphs of rising stars in the sport. Notable winners included Abdalla Abdelaziz, Maria Torres, Yorgelis Salazar, and Eray Samdan. Here's a recap of the key moments:

Male kumite -75kg: Abdalla Abdelaziz Dominates

In the Male kumite -75kg category, Egypt's Abdalla Abdelaziz, a seasoned Olympian and reigning world champion, secured victory by defeating Enes Bulut of Turkiye 3-1.

Female kumite -61kg: Atousa Golshadnezhad's Surprise Win

Iran's Atousa Golshadnezhad claimed the top spot in the Female Kumite -61kg, surprising everyone by securing a victory against Anita Serogina of Ukraine through "Hantei" or decision (1-1).

Male kumite -60kg: Eray Samdan's Comeback

Eray Samdan of Turkiye triumphed in the Male Kumite -60kg category, defeating Grand Winner Hiromu Hashimoto of Japan 3-1. Samdan showcased his relentless determination, securing his first international title since the 2022 EKF Senior Championships.

Female kumite -50kg: Yorgelis Salazar's Dominance Continues

Venezuela's Yorgelis Salazar emerged victorious in the Female Kumite -50kg, defeating Reem Ahmed Salama of Egypt 2-0. Salazar, the Grand Winner and world championships bronze medallist, showcased her unmatched skill.

Female kata: Maho Ono's Victory

Maho Ono of Japan claimed victory in the Female Kata, beating Saeko Azuma of Japan with a score of 44.0 to 43.6, securing her first Karate 1 Premier League title since her triumph in Cairo in 2021.

Male kumite -84kg: Valerii Chobotar's Triumph

Valerii Chobotar of Ukraine triumphed in the Male Kumite -84kg, winning over Konstantinos Mastrogiannis of Greece by "Hantei" or decision (0-0), celebrating his third Karate 1 Premier League victory.

Female kumite -68kg: Thalya Sombe Shines

France's Thalya Sombe emerged as the winner in the Female Kumite -68kg, defeating Mobina Heydariozomcheloei of Iran 4-2, bringing joy to local fans and showcasing her skills as a first-time Karate 1 Premier League finalist.

Male kumite -67kg: Said Oubaya's Impressive Victory

Said Oubaya of Morocco dominated in the Male Kumite -67kg, beating Luca Maresca of Italy 9-1, securing his first Karate 1 Premier League victory with exceptional skills.

Female kumite -55kg: Airi Shima's Milestone

Airi Shima of Japan secured victory in the Female Kumite -55kg, defeating Mia Bitsch of Germany 2-0. Shima, a first-time Karate 1 Premier League finalist, achieved a significant milestone in her career.

Male kata: Kakeru Nishiyama's Mastery

Kakeru Nishiyama of Japan emerged victorious in the Male Kata, beating Ryuji Moto of Japan with scores of 45.10 to 43.60, showcasing his mastery in the discipline and continuing his reign as the Grand Winner.

Female kumite +68kg: Maria Torres' Hard-Fought Victory

Spain's Maria Torres claimed the top spot in the Female Kumite +68kg, defeating Rochelle Walters of England 5-1, displaying her dominance in the heavyweight category.

Male kumite +84kg: Taha Tarek Mahmoud Asserts Supremacy

Taha Tarek Mahmoud of Egypt secured victory in the Male Kumite +84kg, defeating Anes Bostandzic of Bosnia and Herzegovina 3-1. Mahmoud, the number 1 in the WKF World Ranking, showcased his supremacy in the heavyweight division.

The Karate 1 Premier League Paris Grand Finale concluded with these outstanding performances, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the world of elite karate competition. The series now heads to Antalya (Turkiye) for the second stop of the competition from March 15 to 17.

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