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The 2024 European Karate Federation (EKF) Cadet, Junior & U21 Championships kicked off today in Tbilisi, Georgia, with an impressive display of skill and precision in the Kata categories. Favorites such as Paola Garcia Lozano of Spain, Mai-Linh Bui of France, and Guido Polsinelli of Italy shone brightly on the opening day.

In the Cadet Kata Female final, Tamara Lehner of Austria will compete against Rita Marques of Portugal in what promises to be a closely contested match. Lehner advanced by defeating Judith Angera Nieto of Spain in the semifinals (40.60 to 39.60), while Marques caused an upset by defeating Giulia Manca of Belgium (40.40 to 39.10).

In the Cadet Kata Male final, Tarik Koc of Turkey will face off against Thomas Klemz of France. Koc secured his spot in the final by defeating Matteo Freda of Italy in the semifinals (41.80 to 40.70), while Klemz triumphed over Martim Oliveira of Portugal (39.70 to 39.10).

Moving on to the Junior categories, Mai Linh Bui of France and Paola Garcia Lozano of Spain will meet in an eagerly anticipated showdown in the Junior Kata Female final. Bui, the current bronze medalist, defeated Shirley Jay of Germany (40.00 to 38.50), while Garcia Lozano, the defending champion, won convincingly over Miriam Ederar of Italy (41.90 to 39.40).

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In the junior Kata Male final, Muhammed Efe Yurtseven of Turkey will take on Jonas Abu Wahib of Germany in a battle of giants. Yurtseven and Wahib secured their spots in the final by defeating Joao Vieira of Portugal (41.70 to 41.60) and Luigi Di Rubba of Italy (41.00 to 39.70), respectively.

In the U21 division, Michaela Cukanova of Slovakia will face off against Chiara Manca of Belgium in the Kata Female final. Cukanova advanced by defeating Jessica Vlai of Germany (40.00 to 39.90), while Manca confirmed her status as a favorite with a victory over Damla Su Turemen of Turkey (39.80 to 39.10).

In the U21 Kata Male final, Aidan Randall Lueck of Germany will square off against Guido Polsinelli of Italy in an exciting encounter. Lueck reached the final by defeating Matija Relic of Croatia (39.90 to 39.50), while Polsinelli aims to improve upon the bronze medal he won last year with a victory over Lucas Hoffmann of France (42.70 to 41.00).

In the team events, France and Spain will showcase their strength in the Kata Team Cadet and Junior Female categories, while Italy and Spain will battle it out in the Kata Team Cadet and Junior Male division.

The first day of the championships will conclude with the Cadet Kumite categories, setting the stage for more thrilling action in the days to come.