Foto: WKF

The first day of the Karate competition at the African Games in Accra, Ghana, showcased a captivating display of skill and determination among athletes from across the continent. Egypt emerged as a dominant force, securing multiple gold medals, while other nations also put up commendable performances.

In the Female Kata category, Aya En-Nesyry of Morocco delivered a stellar performance, outshining her competitors and claiming the gold medal by defeating Aicha Narimene Dahleb of Algeria.

Egypt continued its triumph in the Men Kata Team category, displaying impeccable synchronization and skill to overcome the challenge posed by Algeria, securing another gold medal for their country.

Morocco's Fatima-Zahra Chajai asserted her dominance in the Female Kumite -68kg division with a convincing 3-0 victory over Wissal Ezzar of Tunisia, earning her country another gold medal.

In the Female Kumite +68kg category, Menna Shaaban Okila of Egypt demonstrated resilience and determination, securing a well-deserved victory over Maroua Eddarhr of Morocco.

Tunisia celebrated victory in the Male Kumite +84kg category, as Houssem Edine Choiya narrowly defeated Taha Tarek Mahmoud Mahmoud of Egypt in a closely contested match.

Egypt's Youssef Badawy continued his country's success by claiming victory in the Male Kumite -84kg division, showcasing strategic prowess and skillful maneuvers to secure the win over Makhtar Diop of Senegal.

Noursin Mohamed Kamal Aly of Egypt shone in the Female Kumite -61kg category, displaying exceptional agility and precision to secure a thrilling 9-5 victory over Wafa Mahjoub of Tunisia.

Abdalla Abdelaziz added to Egypt's gold medal tally with a display of strength and skill in the Male Kumite -75kg category, emerging victorious against Mohamed Abudabous of Libya.

The first day of the Karate competition at the African Games in Accra highlighted the exceptional talent and fierce competition among African Karate athletes. As the tournament progresses, anticipation mounts for more electrifying matches and memorable moments on the tatamis.