Anzhelika Terliuga (ukr. Анжеліка Терлюга) is a distinguished Ukrainian karateka born on March 23, 1992, in Odessa, Ukraine. She is renowned for her significant successes in international karate competitions, particularly in the kumite (sparring) category.

Early life and career beginnings

Anzhelika began practicing karate in her youth, demonstrating early interest and talent in the sport. Her dedication and work ethic quickly set her apart from her peers. She trains at the "Krotek" club in Odessa under the guidance of coach Denis Morozov.

Rise to international fame

Throughout her career, Terliuga has won numerous medals at European and World Championships. Her first major international medal came at the European Championships, where she won silver in her category.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics

One of the most significant moments in her career was her participation in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, where karate was included as an Olympic sport for the first time. Anzhelika excelled, winning the silver medal in the women's kumite 55 kg category, a tremendous achievement for her and Ukrainian sports.

Achievements and recognition

Besides her Olympic silver, Terliuga is a multiple European and World Champion in various categories. Her technique, speed, and tactical maturity make her one of the most respected karatekas in the world.

Personal life

Anzhelika is known for her dedication to training and continuous improvement. She is active on social media, where she shares moments from her sports career, training sessions, and daily life. She also promotes karate and motivates young athletes.


Anzhelika Terliuga exemplifies a top athlete whose dedication and achievements inspire many young karatekas worldwide. Her successes continue to bring pride to Ukraine and contribute to the global popularity of karate as a sport.