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Anzhelika Terliuga: A leading karate champion from Ukraine

Anzhelika Terliuga (ukr. Анжеліка Терлюга) is a distinguished Ukrainian karateka born on March 23, 1992, in Odessa, Ukraine. She is renowned for her significant successes in international karate competitions, particularly in the kumite (sparring) category. Early life and career beginnings Anzhelika began practicing ka…

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Karate training then and now

In this text, a comparative analysis will show how karate was practiced in the past and how it is practiced now. In the beginning, karate was practiced in Buddhist temples, and the originator of karate practice in temples, according to research, is Bodhidharma, who came from India to China, that is. to the Shaolin Tem…

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Criteria for awarding belts in karate

The criteria for awarding belts in karate vary from club to club, but in most karate clubs the belt is held twice a year. Passing for belts in karate is a "solemn act" for each karate player individually, at the karate exam he presents how much he has progressed during the training process, the commission an…

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